I got the memo
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Born Elijah Goldsworthy
call me Eli. I am a writer, a thinker and just generally awesome I probably listen to music you have never heard of and I am known for the guy with the hearse
I avoid drama, unless it's on the stage

"I put my feelings in my art, and that’s why doing what I do can be scary…because it comes from some place real." - me

Degrassi role player

Soup || Imogen and Eli

Logging off his computer Eli looked around his room, it was a decently cleaned, no need to throw stuff in a box or under the bed like he did when  he was a kid.  Walking over to his closet, Eli shuffled through his clothes.  Eli didn’t want to wear an old regular t-shirt, for reason that was really unclear to himself, but he wanted to look decently thrown together.  Eli actually could polish up pretty well, but this wasn’t some suit and tie event, he was going to hang out with Imogen, the girl that he had a quite fondness for.  Finally deciding on a button down red shirt and a pair of skinny jeans, it didn’t take Eli long to have his keys and on the road to see Imogen.  GPS her address, it didn’t take Eli’s ‘05 Mustang to get to her house long.  Checking his reflection in his rear view mirror, he stopped in front of her place, as he walked up to her door step, he flattened his shirt down.  He wasn’t nervous at all, this was Imogen, a girl Eli knew he could be himself around.