I’m just a returning Eli, who has been around for a few years.

I am only looking for a few partners, meaning, probably one, maybe two of the same character. I have found a bit of Eli muse, and hope to keep it.

Ships are very open, I ship male or female, degrassi floaters

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Text || Eli (forevergoldsworthy)
Eli: Well I think I can come up with something exploring like.
Jenna: Do tell.
Eli: Well have you ever really 'explored' Toronto? Or at least around downtown?
Hello Heartache - Forevergoldsworthy


Clare’s heart half stopped as she looked at Eli right in front of her, speechless, and not saying a word and gave him a partial hug, “Um yeah, it’s me,” were the only words that she spoke because of the shock. It was a dream, it had to be, there was no other way, there’s no possible way that she could run into her ex-boyfriend and father of her child in this huge city, there’s just no way, she didn’t want to accept that this was happening. Her body was freezing up and there were chills’ running down her spine as her biggest nightmare was coming to life. The nightmare where she saw Eli and he got upset because of Brielle and the two had went to court to get custody but somehow and someway Eli had always won. It was a reoccurring nightmare that had started out just like this, she had to find a way to make sure it changed and that the nightmare wouldn’t actually come true, it would leave her too crushed to function in her daily life without Brielle because Brielle had been her world for 3 years and she wasn’t going to let this little moment in time change that. “I’ve been… I’ve been good.” She said trying to focus her way back in on him. Clare couldn’t let herself get too distracted, or at least show it, she didn’t want him to him to worry or think something was wrong, even if it kind of was. “Uh well, I got into Columbia and that’s where I’m going now. It’s pretty great actually.” She partially explained to him.

Clare’s phone made a buzzing sound, but she ignored it, she already knew she was running late and a few more minutes couldn’t hurt, especially because of the circumstances now, she would just easily explain to her boss and teacher that something came up and if they wanted details then she’d give them the details, especially Janie. Even though Janie was her boss, the two were like best friends and one of the only friends she had here in New York, so she knew everything about Clare and if Clare explained why she was late then she’d understand and let it go, hopefully. “Sorry, I’m being rude. How are you doing? What have you been up to? I haven’t seen you in ages.” The said to him with a slight smile coming upon her face; she was actually quite curious on how he’d been, if he’d been taking his medicine, how his family was doing, if he had a new girl, and just how his life had been in general. He looked like he was doing well but you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, especially Eli… she knew he could fake it just as easily as she could, which is only one of the many reasons the two were good for each other back in high school. She understood him perfectly and vice versa, the two knew everything about each other, and like every couple they did have faults but back then the two of them seemed almost perfect, like a fairytale until it reached its tragic ending, but that’s the part they don’t include in the books.

There was a little tug on her arm which made Clare look away from Eli for a second and down at her little girl who desperately wanted her attention. “Mommy! Who’s your friend?” The little girl asked a little impatiently and with a little glimmer in her eyes. “This is one of my best friends from high school…” Clare started out looking back up at Eli with a slight smile, technically she wasn’t lying, her and Eli were best friends back then but they were also so much more, “His name’s Eli.” She continued on, deciding not to say anything, its better just to keep it simple and find the way to say the truth without lying, which is exactly what Clare did.

Four little words fell from Clare’s lips, like a common conversation they would be holding if it hadn’t been several years into the future with no communication what so ever. This wasn’t how Eli even pictured coming across Clare, or ever coming across her as a matter of fact. He wanted to forget the past, forget all the mistakes he had made, forget all the problems he run into, the things he couldn’t fix with her.  Though she was no mistake in his life, he was one in hers, and even if she couldn’t come to words about it, he knew it was true.  The wind in the air was more heated now, something that burned his face, the redness growing along the curve of his flesh.  There was no words to say to his once where.  Only her uttered words kept him hanging, with the thoughts of walking off as if she was a stranger bumping into him by accident.  But that’s what she was now, a stranger.  He knew nothing about her, or how she was anymore. The few years could of changed how she liked her eggs in the morning, or what side of the bed was hers.  Though she didn’t look any different besides the simple fact of her more mature look, Clare Edwards was different, and even just looking at her, he could tell she wasn’t the same girl that he met all those years ago.

Swallowing, Eli’s eyes shifted down to the little girl that caressed Clare’s hand.  The familiar face structure could only keep his attention for so long as he looked back into the blues he once knew.  The blues that he once held on to so strongly, the ones that he was in love with for so long. With his distracted figure, he was surprised by her up words of questions, taking them all in through one ear and out the other.  Licking his lips, his phone buzzed in his pocket, ignoring the fuss it brought. “Yeah” he said with a small smile. Not noting what else she was saying.  What was there to really say to her?  He only knew they would exchange some pleasant words and be on their way, like he was with everyone else he encounter through his college life hashing the past of high school works.

But as he started to speak, the little voice left the girl clinging to Clare finally.  Hearing the words a child calls to their parents, as Eli’s eyelids shut slowly hearing the word ‘Mommy’. The name calling to Clare.  Clare Edwards was now a mommy, a mother to this child who seem to be a mini Clare Edwards, sure she got that often.  His eyes clearly directed down towards the little girl, hearing his name being spoken to her, a smile placed on his face. A chuckle left his mouth. “That’s me, Eli” he held moment.  “And who are you?” he continued to look down at the girl. 

Text || Eli (forevergoldsworthy)
Eli: Well what kind of adventure do you like?
Jenna: The exploring kind.
Eli: Well I think I can come up with something exploring like.
7 Minutes || (Goldenton) Forevergoldsworthy
Jenna: shook her head and had a little laugh. “Good, then it’s a yes.” She smirked and handed him her phone and she scanned him up and down as he put his number in her phone. “It could be sooner than you think. Closets are hard to come by these days, especially ones with such a tight vicinity like this one.” Jenna said and took her phone back. “And you know, you can always text me too… in case you need to know of a rager for the weekend.”
Eli: "Well maybe I would like that" he chuckled passing her phone back to her. "I think we could text" he nodded, looking back into the party. "I am all for ragers, though I didn't want to come to this one, I'm pretty glad I did" he grinned.
Text || Eli (forevergoldsworthy)
Eli: Possibly. Are you adventurous Jenna?
Jenna: Depends on what kind of adventure we're talking about.(;
Eli: Well what kind of adventure do you like?

I have been gone far too long, and I continue to promise and promise that I will be back, that I will love you down, that I will be some amazing super Elijah Goldsworthy, but I guess I’m not.  I want to keep this Eli, I want to bring you everything you want. The Tumblr Degrassi Floater World has died since I started, and I hate that. But I’m going to stay true, and try to keep a few loves and try this over again. So I’ll be YET AGAIN revamping a bit, and holding on to precious people if you want to hold on to me.  So if you’re interested, send me a message, other wise, I’ll assume you don’t want to, and that’s 100 percent okay with me. I still love you 

Long Time No See II Forevergoldsworthy
Katie: "Just for you," she told him, knowing that the chances were that she would never let anyone else do this with her. Katie felt him hit his climax inside her, moaning out slightly as he let go and came. Katie collapsed onto the table as he let go and pulled out, biting her lip. "You love it," she said, looking up and meeting his eyes. "I'm only a slut for you."
Eli: "No, you love it" he hissed back as he stood back, falling back on to the nearby couch. As he continued to breath hard, wiping his face as he closed his eyes.



Are you going to try to seduce him?

Lenore tried to seduce you?!

I never said that!