I got the memo
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Born Elijah Goldsworthy
call me Eli. I am a writer, a thinker and just generally awesome I probably listen to music you have never heard of and I am known for the guy with the hearse
I avoid drama, unless it's on the stage

"I put my feelings in my art, and that’s why doing what I do can be scary…because it comes from some place real." - me

Degrassi role player


I guess so. I don’t know if that was supposed to be soothing, but i’m not really complaining so far with the view. I-i’m sorry, I just supposed you’ve been here for a little longer since you labeled me. O.. Kay? Is it really that bad here?


Why are you sorry new kid? It’s not your fault that they let the damn kid who is attracted to fire light the whole wing up.  Nor is it your fault that people don’t give a shit about this place, so we get the handy-e-downs from it’s fourth, fifth use.  Don’t be sorry for shit, it’s a pointless matter here. Depends, depends on how classy you like your living arrangements.


And, why do you say that? Did I look as if I never wanted to talk to you again? Sorry if I did make that kind of impression. I didn’t really mean to. Yeah, I would think so, which is nice for once. It’s the fact that people actually saw me ran into one. Thank goodness nobody just left me on the street. Maybe next time you can show me all the exciting places, if you want. Although, who knows what might happen in the future. You don’t think the administration is going to change their mind about me, do you?


New Yorkers can be pretty nice at times, though the state is full of jackasses, and sadly it might be more than half if you split the actual caring ones up with the ones that don’t. But don’t let that brush you off living here, I mean I’m here. I can certainly do that, I know the ins and outs of this place already, and I haven’t been here for too long, you kind of have to learn it all, or stumbling home in a taxi lost is never a good option.  Seriously Clare? Trust me, they’d be crazy not to accept you.  You’re brilliant!

SMS ⇢ Elijah Goldsworthy

Eli: Stranger? Well, let's hope you have the right number or you might actually be talking to a stranger.
Eli: Three guesses? Well are you certain you have the right number firstly?
Imogen: Why I'm almost positive this is the right number.
Imogen: The Elijah Goldsworthy, correct?
Eli: Are you sure you're the most positive about having the right number, because if you were, you wouldn't be questioning right?
Eli: But maybe this is Eli Goldsworthy, and he's just dickin' with you.
Eli: Or maybe I'm not Eli, but I like the sound of that name.

text || Eli

Eli: Hello? Strange hearing from you...
Drew: Oh? I didn't mean for it to be strange. I just thought.. I don't know, we did quite a lot of talking last night. Maybe you wouldn't mind if.. I don't know.
Drew: it's cool, never mind it. Bye.
Eli: Oh well we did talk, I guess it was just a form of some shitty greeting to someone who I don't speak to on a daily basic? Can we forget I said that.
Eli: No, don't say bye. Was there something you needed to say?


The only thing I don’ t love about you, Mr. Goldsworthy, is that I haven’t seen you in years. An idiot? God, no. If anything, I’m the idiot for risking my relationship for this little rendezvous…


Well that’s not fully my fault now is it Ms Santamaria?  Risk? Who said anything about risk? This is just two friends that haven’t seen each other catching up, nothing else, right?

Dwight Schrute privates. 


Greetings Degrassi floater tag!!  Our mods are discussing a perfect day and time to open due to the six applications we have in our inbox as I speak.  It will be soon guys, so don’t worry!  We are loving every single one that has come in.  But as we discuss the opening date for this role play, why not get your friends to join, or if you’re not apart of this role play yet, why not join? There are still plenty upon plenty of roles to be filled. The more the merrier!!  Are you more into the classy stay, do you not like breaking rules? Well maybe the Socials are your style.  With Adam, Maya, Tori, Dallas, Holly J and Fiona still available!! Or maybe you’re more into a bad boy style—or girl.  Than become a Greaser! With Imogen, Grace, Jake,  Jenna, Anya and many more still open! Don’t disappoint me!!



It’s 1965 and two groups of very different social classes are residing in Toronto Ontario. The Greasers; they are lower class teenagers who are living on the bad side of town- they get their name from their greasy hairstyles and their leather jackets, they are as tough as you get and they have all had difficult lives and they are the opposites of their rivals the Socials. The Socials or the Soc’s as they are more commonly called have lived the life of luxury anything that they have ever wanted was handed to them, they wear their letterman jackets with pride, their hair is always neat and adults smile at them when they walk down the street- but even if they seem to have it all together their lives can be just as rough as some of the greasers because of the pressure that gets put on them to be perfect. It is safe to say that these two groups of teenagers do not get along- their is certain thing which belong to the greasers and certain things which belong to the Socials, both groups know the rules and those are do not talk to anyone on the other side, do not come to the other teams side of town and do not ever date someone from the other side, but those rules are easily broken and when broken there is one way to settle it and that is a rumble. Are these two groups destined to hate each other forever? 




Join as Mia than or Tori, or Sadie.